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Goldsmith Technician



$ 12,500

3 Months

About the Course

About the Course

This class is held in Mexico City, Mexico. 

Next Starting date: January 06 to March 28 2025

Monday 10 am - 6 pm (1h lunch)

Tuesday 3 pm - 7 pm

Wednesday 3 pm - 7 pm

Thursday 3 pm - 7 pm

Does the artistry of crafting exquisite jewelry drive you? Your search ends here! Enroll in our intensive three-month program and emerge as a skilled Goldsmith Technician.

The exclusive partnership between JIA and Academia De Orfebres allows you to train as a Goldsmith Technician in Mexico City, Mexico.

Enroll in our intensive three-month program and emerge as a skilled Goldsmith Technician.

Benefit from the knowledge offered by industry expert Lilo Palma at Academia De Orfebres, where time-honored techniques intersect with modern innovation.

Mastering the fundamentals of goldsmithing lays a solid foundation for exquisite crafting jewelry. In this course, we delve into essential techniques that are the cornerstone of the goldsmith's craft.

1.      Sawing:

·         Learn the art of precision sawing, where each cut is made with meticulous attention to detail.

·         Understand the proper use of jeweler's saws and blades for various materials and thicknesses.

·         Practice cutting straight lines, curves, and intricate shapes with finesse.

2.      Filing:

·         Explore the importance of filing in refining and shaping metal surfaces.

·         Grasp the different types of files and their applications for achieving desired textures and finishes.

·         Hone your skills in filing techniques to create smooth edges and precise contours.

3.      Soldering:

·         Delve into the intricate process of soldering, which is essential for joining metal components seamlessly.

·         Master the art of flux application and torch control to achieve robust and clean solder joints.

·         Understand soldering techniques for various metals and their respective melting points.

4.      Polishing:

·         Discover the transformative power of sanding and polishing in enhancing the luster and finish of jewelry.

·         Gain proficiency in using abrasive materials and polishing compounds to achieve desired surface qualities.

·         Learn techniques for achieving different levels of shine, from satin finishes to high polish.

5.      Gem Setting Basics:

·         Learn Bezel and Prong setting Style.

6.      Introduction to Wax Carving:

·         Design Principles, Carving Techniques, Hollowing and Thinning.

7.      Repair:

·         Gain proficiency in jewelry repair, restoration, and gem setting techniques using bezel and prong setting styles.

8.      Manufacturing:

·         Learn how to melt, create your own allow, and calculate and weigh in all units.

·         Learn to mill sheets of metal and draw wires.

·         Learn to create chains, mechanisms, and brooches.


Refine your craft using tools and materials within our fully equipped workshop under the guidance of seasoned instructors.


Upon completion, you'll be awarded a prestigious diploma from the Jewelry Institute of America (JIA) in Houston, Texas, paving the way for boundless opportunities within the global jewelry market.

Your Instructor

Lilo Palma

Your Instructor

Lilo Palma

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